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The survey is split into three parts.


Part one involves a small number of very basic questions about you and your general views on healthcare.  It will take no more than three or four minutes to complete.  If you would like to give us your views in a little more detail you can go on to complete parts two and three, however these questions are optional and you can skip them should you wish to do so.

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Part One







Shifting more care out of hospital and into the community is one of the improvements outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan and will help ensure we meet the changing health needs of the local community over the coming decade. To what extent do you agree that the NHS should deliver more care closer to home where appropriate…?


Suppose you needed a once-in-a-lifetime operation, such as heart bypass surgery.  Would you feel it was more important to be treated in a local hospital or more important to be treated in a specialist centre?


To what extent do you agree with the idea that healthcare should be local where possible and specialist where necessary.  Do you…?


From our conversations with patients, staff, and stakeholders, some people think that we should combine adult’s and children’s A&E along with clinical support services in order to deliver better care for patients. Do you…?

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